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Year 6 Play at Music School 19 July 2017 - Some of our most talented brass players had their last lesson yesterday before they perform at the Wolverhampton Music School today. We wish them all the luck today and we also extend our thanks to Miss Oxley, who has taught them so well over the last few years.  
Rainbow Day 19 July 2017 - Thank you for all of your donations for Rainbow Day. The children had a lot of fun; dancing, playing Samba, taking penalties and getting their face painted. The total raised for our Peace Garden was £486.41. Thank you to all the children and parents for their kind donations.
Let’s Get Cooking! 19 July 2017 - Over the last two weeks of term, Mrs Willkhu and Mrs O’Brien Coleman have been providing the children from all year groups with a cooking experience. They have cooked a variety of food from pasta bake to apple crumble. The children have been really enthused by this experience and have really got a lot out […]